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Recently I was looking through the 100 distros listed on Distrowatch.   I discovered that there are about 20 distros based on Ubuntu and 35 on Debian.  That made a total of 55 distros based on Debian of the 100 listed on Distrowatch.  So the coming Mir and Wayland controversy will really pull apart the GNU/Linux community.  I believe that Ubuntu will eventually become its own operating system and will have nothing in common with GNU/Linux.  I understand that Mir is really for the phone and tablet environment, but it is not a good thing for the desktop and laptop environment.  I would rather Ubuntu would help with Wayland and add phone/tablet.  In the end, it is the profit they can reap from the phone and tablet sales.  Still, the fall out from their own development will cause a rift in the Linux community. What will Mint do?  What about Xubuntu and Kubuntu?  Linux Lite and many other Ubuntu distros have to make a choice.  Will they follow Ubuntu or stay with the Linux way?

A rift that is really not needed.  The diversity in Linux is its biggest threat.  Too many distros and too many choices make it difficult for users from Microsoft to switch to Linux.  Each distro does it differently.  Each one has its own quirks, its own updated, its own utilities.  This causes GNU/Linux to be seen as different with each distro, so rather than seeing GNU/Linux as this big choice.  Rather than a large dragon, GNU/Linux is seen as a herd of similar dragons.  Each one is small and different from the next one.  Projects continue to be forked.  Desktops continue to be forked.  Each fork dilutes the strength of GNU/Linux.  Rather than be a strong alternative, it is a weak, unsure alternative.  It doesn’t appear GNU/Linux can stop the fork of death.  I fear the power of GNU/Linux will weaken to triviality.  Microsoft has left the door way open with Win 8.  It is time for GNU/Linux to stop and to focus to take the opportunities before them.

I love GNU/Linux.  I can’t stand the wasted opportunity.