LinuxMint – Heavens to Betsy

Posted: February 24, 2015 in Cinnamon, Debian, GNU, Linux, Linux Mint, LMDE, Ubuntu
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Recently, well not recently, more like a few weeks ago, there was a post about LinuxMint development concerning LMDE and its Mint distros.  The article can be found on Segfault here:   I was surprised to find out that LMDE’s rolling release model was removed due to lack of interest.  Also, many resources were pulled from the distro.  I understand that.  In fact it makes sense, it is just frustrating because I really like Cinnamon and didn’t want to go to an Ubuntu based solution.  I am not sure of Ubuntu’s commitment to Linux, or if they are slowly moving and making Ubuntu into a derivative of Linux, but away from what I would call a standard Linux base.  Are they going to add things to Linux so that their Linux is totally unique?  That is why I have stayed away from Ubuntu based distros.  And since LinuxMint’s offerings, other than LMDE, are based on Ubuntu, well LMDE was my only choice.

Recently, though, after watching a few YouTube vids on Linux, I started to contemplate how much I have been involved in running Linux.  How much have I struggled through and How much trouble Linux used to be.  Linux now compared to 6 or so years ago is a world away.  Other than some companies not really being ready to work with Linux, most hardware works fine with Linux.  I remembered how much Ubuntu was welcomed by the Linux community because they readily put in the codecs and other items that most people wanted in the first place, but had to hunt for those needed codecs due to legal suits and other threats made by various companies who were hostile to Linux.  Ubuntu made it easy to get videos running and to watch YouTube  videos.

Because of that and the new stance by the LinuxMint team to treat their distros as LTS releases rather than keep up with Ubuntu’s 6 month release schedule.  They are choosing quality over quantity.  They appear to try and buck the appearance that Linux is buggy and that is what you need to accept.  I have already installed the latest Cinnamon release by the Mint team and am going to run it for at least a year.  I am also planning to dual boot my laptop with Debian Jessie, or testing.  I have set up in VirtualBox Jessie LXDE and it runs great.  I am curious how well and what it takes to get all my hardware running well on Jessie LXDE.  I also want to see how low a memory footprint I can get.  I administer some machines where I work and some of them are REALLY old.  512 MB of memory.  If I can get a super low memory footprint from Jessie LXDE, then I will have a longer term solution for those machines.  I am disappointed in LMDE, but my reasons for wanting to run it have been put into perspective by remembering how much good Ubuntu has done for Linux in general.

LinuxMint, to me, is the best distro for those new to running Linux.  It has a good similarity to Microsoft’s product and it can run on older machines.  I don’t believe the average ‘surf-the-web and email’ computer user will miss anything with LinuxMint Cinnamon or MATE other than the latest flash games on Facebook.

Here’s to quality and success of the LinuxMint team.

  1. tPenguinLTG says:

    I’m disappointed that they’re dropping LMDE, but if it means they’re going to output higher quality stuff, then

    • It is not that they are dropping it, it is just they quit the rolling release and are making it like the regular Debian stable release, which means it will be a stale release in a year because of Debian’s focus on server stability.

    • tPenguinLTG says:

      Sorry about that incomplete comment. I hit Tab sometimes without hitting Ctrl and don’t catch it until I’ve pressed Space or Enter, but by then it’s too late.

      Anyway, I was going to say that if it means they’re going to output higher quality stuff, then I’m not one to complain. Rolling release is good (I’m running Arch right now), but I guess it’s not really suited for something like Mint where they’re concerned for excellent stability.

      I agree: Mint is a good choice for those new to Linux who want to just “use Linux” (as opposed to those who want to “learn Linux”). Out of the six people I’ve helped transition from Linux to Windows, I’ve put three of them on Linux Mint. I like Mint for its documentation and approach. It provides a sane set of defaults while emphasizing that you have choice, and unlike Ubuntu, it doesn’t try to hide the command line from the user.

      As for Ubuntu, I think they’re trying to hide the fact that they’re Linux. They develop in-house stuff like Unity and Mir instead of contributing to existing projects to make them better, making it a bit like Android in a sense.

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