LXDE, Razor-Qt and the best of Linux

Posted: July 28, 2013 in GNU, Linux
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Recently, I’ve been looking for a cross-platform development environment.  I have been working on learning Java, but recently decided to find out if there were any other cross-platform environments.  I noticed that KDE used Qt and I noticed that Razor-Qt also used, Qt.  So I took a look at it and was pleased that it was maybe exactly what I was looking for.  In the end, I started learning how to use Qt-Creator and C++.  Shortly after that, I found a good tutorial series on Youtube.  Since I do have a goal to produce some sort of game, I decided that Qt would be a better environment that Java.  I have a little bit of concern with Oracle.  I don’t trust them to keep Java a healthy environment.

On the heels of that I then heard about a new development with LXDE.  It seems they didn’t like everything with GTK3 and wanted to experiment with Qt.  I really liked what I heard.  KDE is an interesting desktop, but not my cup of tea.  I tried it, but never really used most of its unique features.  But I did like that I was developed with Qt and this cross-platform design made me wonder why another desktop would not use this.  Then I heard about Razor-Qt.  I really was waiting for them to finish.  I even loaded one of the other Linux’s that used it.  Then I read where LXDE and Razor-Qt project are going to merge.  This gives me hope concerning Linux.  I am tired of the continual fracturing of Linux projects.  Many people call it choice and forking, but I see fracturing and a loss of power for Linux.  Having the Razor and LXDE teams realize they are after the same thing and teaming up is GREAT!.  I am now looking forward to the new project and will start running LXDE-Qt as soon as possible.  The new project aims to stay true to the goals of a lightweight and full desktop environment.  They will bring the best of Razor and LXDE together.  WAY TO GO!!

Go visit both pages and see the updates.  They deserve support!

  1. tekwyzrd says:

    I’ve been using razor-qt as my main desktop for about a year. I mainly use kde’s qt based apps but do use a number of gtk apps as well. and the plazma desktop was a resource hog. By switching to razor and compton for compositing I reduced memory use by over 500MB. The merger of lxde and razor was a concern for me and just yesterday my concerns were justified. After installing lxqt-desktop 0.7.0 git version via the arch aur repository I found that contrary to the package name there was no real desktop without pcmanfm. It seems much of the desktop configuration is controlled by the lxde file manager. Without it there is no desktop context menu or even a wallpaper, just a black area above the taskbar. After installing pcmanfm, logging out, and back in I had a desktop wallpaper and icons but found that the .desktop files used to launch apps that were created in razor did not work. I also found that many of the configuration options were missing and it did not consistently apply the selected theme or colors to apps or even the desktop’s configuration modules. Worse, there was no option to set default apps other than the browser and terminal and the option to select a desktop menu had been eliminated as well. With pcmanfm you haver a basic, stripped down desktop but no option of using any other file manager. By merging razor into lxde they have converted a very versatile qt desktop with minimal resource usage that was a great alternative to plasma into a lxde specific desktop that doesn’t interact reliably with apps from other environments. They’ve created their own equivalent of gnome 3 – a desktop that only works properly with their apps that users are forced to use as the devs decide it should be used.

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