Switch from Windows 7 to Ubuntu

Posted: October 26, 2012 in Game Development, Linux, Ubuntu
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Recently, my laptop’s hard drive (HDD) decided to stop working efficiently. It took 5-10 times longer for my laptop to do anything. I had my laptop evaluated by Best Buy and they said it was just the HDD. I bought a new 1 TB HDD figuring I would try to restore windows on my currently installed HDD on the laptop, and if that failed I would install the new one after making some restore disks. Well, that didn’t work out and the restore partition didn’t work. I installed my new 1TB HDD and decided to make the switch to Ubuntu Linux. I have messed with Linux for about 15-20 year so it was time to make the permanent switch. I just didn’t want to pay money to get a set of restore CDs from Toshiba. I am tired of the money grabbing by micro$oft. Gates’ idea of purchasing the right to run software is just rediculous. This has set my development back due to a total loss of everything on the HDD.

Oh well, I am very satisfied with the Ubuntu and am looking forward to getting reaquainted with Linux. The good thing is that Java is a cross platform environment and I can get the same stuff done in Ubuntu that I could in windows.


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