User Interfaces make or break games

Posted: October 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

I read this quote on a discussion board. I really like it and it gets to the heart of the purpose of the user interface:

The day that these monster one-man army developers start doing GUIs, they will conquer PC gaming. I love their ideas, but if you are unwilling to bridge them to me, then the effort I have to make can be outright frustrating and disappointing.

Basically they are the equivalent of your brilliant but absent-minded and introverted university professor in gaming.

The key is this quote “bridge them to me” a user interface is the way the developer brings into focus the game play and data that is necessary to play the game with enjoyment. Too much data and the user is confused. Too little data and the user has no creativity to express in the game.

This quote has gotten to the heart of the matter. A game can be great, but the user interface can make the game unplayable or confusing.


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