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We’re in a heat wave.  I keep hearing Global Warming.  I don’t believe science has enough data to know.   I realize that there is something going on, but how do we know it is not a local increase rather than this drastic, permanent increase?  Any function can have a local increase or decrease, but is the function overall increasing?  That is where I wonder.  I am tired of the Chicken Littles of this world.  Blaming everything on Global Warming.  The recent cold winter, a year ago, was blamed on Global Warming.  Everything outside of a narrow band of expectation is blamed on Global Warming.  Well, let us make sure we are right.


Sad but true.

Posted: July 14, 2012 in New Blog, Rut
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Sad but true is the title of this blog.  I am one who walks life with stone feet in rut.  I eat, drink and do just about the same every day.  On the web, I do the same thing over and over and over.  I need to break out of this rut.  I believe I’ve worn an electronic rut in the internet.  I click on the same links, go to the same websites.  I am just about sick of myself.  Time to shake things up and look at life and my surroundings differently and see ‘new’ in everything.